Jessica's Miniatures

Living Rooms

 JBM 3 pc. set mahogany game table with 2 chairs $125.00

 JBM walnut hall table with mirror $50.00

 JBM walnut hall table $50.00

 JBM kidney shaped  leather topped mahogany desk with swivel chair $90.00

 JBM mahogany carved panel chest $80.00

 Bespaq white with gold accents and pink cushion chaise lounge $60.00

 Hansson 2 pc. mahogany side table and mirror $49.00

 Hansson walnut arm chairs with gold accents and yellow cushions $20.00 each

 JBM mahogany arm chairs with cranberry floral upholstery $32.00 each

  Bespaq cream arm chair with mahogany legs and white circle pattern $47.00 each

 JBM cream arm chair with mahogany legs and white floral pattern $40.00 each

 Bespaq white on white patterned arm chair with mahogany legs $20.00 each

 JBM white and blue patterned English sofa $32.00

 JBM mahogany Gothic X style chair with pink cushion $40.00 each

 JBM mahogany Gothic X style love seat with pink cushion $60.00

 Hansson walnut and gold wing chairs $20.00 each

 Hansson walnut and aqua sofa $25.00, wing chairs $15.00 each, or set for $45.00 

 JBM mahogany and ivory floral sofa $40.00

 Bespaq mahogany and ivory with navy wing chair $39.00, sofa $49.00, or set $80.00

 Hansson walnut with green fabric settee $35.00, chairs $35.00 each or set $90.00

 Bespaq mahogany and mint green sofa $90.00

 Jaiyi cherry cabinet $25.00, chairs with white and gold upholstrey $30.00 each, or set $75.00

 Bespaq mahogany and ivory stripped brown wing chairs $20.00 each, camel back sofa $26.00, or set $60.00

 Hansson cherry oriental desk with chair 2pcs $50.00
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